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Disaster Recovery Planning

IBM iSeries AS/400
High Availability - Disaster Recovery
for as little as $9 per day



Power outages, natural disasters, accidental shutdowns or hacks...

How long your business can afford to be "down" is a bitter pill, as are the over-priced plans of most typical DR options available today.

With typical DR contacts, you are sharing resources with other companies on the same system and if someone else declares a disaster before you do, or if they are on a more expensive premium" level plan, you are out of luck: full resources are routed to that customer's disaster and you have zero coverage for a period of up to six weeks until all equipment can be properly backed up and reconfigured. Now that's a disaster.

Disaster Planning

Abacus DR packages, specifically designed for iSeries AS/400 environments, are based on 100% one-to-one dedicated system resources... you never share partitioned space with others, and they never drain resources from yours - all at a fraction of the price of less reliable commercial plans.