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Based on Microsoft XP Professional operating system. Standard features include IE 6 XPe(SP1) browser with choice of SUN or Microsoft JVM, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Acrobat Reader. Windowing support for all applications, built-in Terminal Emulation, and device support for printers, USB and PCMCIA. Connection to Citrix or Terminal Server, Windows Domain servers provided all displayed on a Windows XP desktop.

Additional Windows applications can be installed.


CE.Net is appropriate for connecting to Citrix or Terminal Server and includes Terminal Emulation for server independence. Standard features include IE 6 (CE version), MS Office Viewers, POP-3 e-mail, media player, Adobe. Provides full-screen applications only. Can be used in
either Desktop mode or Application Launcher mode.


Enterprise-ready Linux offers the highest performance in embedded operating systems. Choice of Mozilla or Firefox browser with SUN JVM, Macromedia Flash, and Adobe Acrobat Reader standard. Windowing support for all applications, built-in Terminal Emulation, connection to Citrix or Terminal Server, support for Lotus Notes and optional OpenOffice -- all displayed on a Windows 2000-style desktop.

RBT Series Thin Clients 

The RBT Series offers increased performance in a compact package. Assembled in the USA, these thin clients weigh just over 1lb. allowing you flexible mounting options and lower shipping costs. The robust and fan-less construction allows for quiet and reliable operation. 


Thin Client Technologies
Thin Clients (TC) are an alternative to Personal Computers (PC) widely deployed in business operations. They are marginally less expensive to buy, but enormously less expensive to maintain. There are no disk drives to crash, no viruses, no productivity robbing games or movies, and no way for a user to transfer files (unless authorized).

The great thing about thin Clients is that once set up you can forget about them. I think we can all agree PC's are not that forgiving. Thin Clients allow you to manage them right from your desk and provide shadowing which is a great training tool should you install new software applications.

All models support PC peripherals such as printers, modems, monitors, keyboards, and pointing devices. Windows CE models include a local IE Browser while Linux models include a Mozilla Browser or Netscape.

Thin Clients are often used in challenging environments where dust and airborne contaminants are a problem for PCs, but they are equally at home in office environments where attractive styling and quiet operation (no fans) are important. The exceptionally small footprint, when vertically oriented, frees up desk or bench space that is often in short supply.

Companies can choose from a number of embedded operating systems ranging from ce.net, win xp, linux, citrix. Thin clients are excellent for multi- host applications and are great twinax terminal replacements. Want to reduce your total cost of ownership? This is a viable way to do that.
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